IRP Aid – Final Update: (new addition)

We’re now at 3/4 of our goal.
Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far! We’re very grateful for the help.
We have just 2 months remaining, donations will be closed by January 1st.
Help keep IRP around, and get some limited edition IRP paraphernalia – while supplies last.
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As for the new addition, an IRP band has offered to add the names of the $100 donors to the next (IRP) Intro. Optionally, we’ll use an alias of your choosing if you prefer to not have your full name in a song 🙂
Reward Tiers:
$1-$100 – Listed on the IRP Site and NFO as a supporter
$10-$100 – Thank You card and small ‘new star’ sticker
$10 – IRP Button
$20 – IRP Pin or Button or (original)IRP Sticker
$40 – Choose 2 from Pin/Button/IRP Sticker
$60 – IRP Pin, Button, and (original)IRP Sticker

$100 – IRP Pin, Button, (original)IRP Sticker, a chance to win the last IRP shirt(Large M), and personally thanked in the next IRP Intro song. Guaranteed first access to rewards.

Here’s our current supply of rewards:
Top donors($100+) will be given first access to the rewards we’re offering, after that it’s first come first serve.
IRP Pins: 48
IRP Buttons: 62
Original Clear BG IRP Stickers: 13
Original White BG IRP Stickers: 35
Thank You cards: 100
Small ‘new star’ IRP Stickers: 96
IRP Shirt(Large M): 1
Check GoFundMe for updated statistics on reward availability.
As of this post, PayPal donations of $10 or more: 8
Note: Disregard the change in beneficiary to the GoFundMe campaign, all funds will still go directly to IRP Aid.
We needed to quickly change to an accepted bank or they’d no longer accept donations. Nothing has changed on the donor end.


Huge thanks to everyone listed here that helped keep IRP alive!
Without our donors, we’d be shutting down by 2020.
(we’re currently at 3/4 our goal)
Thanks to our supporters, we’ll be bringing back every playlist since May 2006, fixing/updating the IRP site, bringing out more playlists each year, and more special edition playlists – xmas/holiday, covers, etc.
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Top Supporters:

Cold Weather Company
Thanks for everything you’ve done over the years, especially for 
Cold Weather Company. The playlist was my intro to so many bands starting out in college and it’s made such an impact on my life!

Daniel Elke
Your stuff has been with me through the good times and helped me find a tune/band to get me through the harder times…no doubt I wanted to return the favor and support you when u needed it!
David Eisenhardt
Thank you!
A fan since 2007.
Frank Kress
For every late, late night when a new song tore through my soul, or forced a smile, or soothed an ache, or changed enough of my life… thank you guys and please keep going.
Gabriela Greenland
Four years ago, I wrote this: Now, it’s time to put my money where my mouth (still) is. Thank you, Jonathan!
Gert Cleuren
Hi Jonathan By some luck i’ve discovered IRP. Every release contains nice surprises, for which i’m grateful. This is my way of giving back. All the best Gert
Kevin Edwards
Mariam A
You guys have introduced me to so many amazing bands that literally have changed my life and added to it. Ive been a fan since 2011, keep up the great work
Mike Anderson (Strangejuice)
Simon Tait
I donated because I can’t imagine a world without IRP…
Stéphane Pelletier
William Pate
Been listening since the beginning! Keep it up!


Abbie Rennaker
I love this playlist and it got me into so many bands. ❤️
Alan Hennigan
… the Indie Rock Playlist is that last safe island in a sea of bland, boring music.
Amauri Melo Junior
Thank you for the amazing work in collecting and compiling awesome lists whenever it’s possible.
Andries Louws
I found over half of my favorite bands in the IRP may 2008 playlist. Thanks for doing this!
Angel Martinez
“I wish i could do more, but by the time this my little support. Many thanks to Jonathan for the hard work and the incredible experience of IRP !”
Antonio Piraino
IRP support!
artist love
Brandon Zarzyczny
I’ve been listening for around a decade and I’ve found so many amazing bands from IRP, here’s to another decade of excellent music. 🙂
Brent Bodenhamer
This is the best source for me to find current music. Best out there.
Brittani Cormany
I’ve loved IRP since I discovered it in 2007!
Chloé Baud
Thanks all your work over the years. So much great music!
Christian Terzoni
Christopher Foxz
Love y’all!
Christopher Null
You rock
David Folgate
I’ve been here from the start and got so much joy from the playlists.
Derek Lloyd
Devin Bayer
I like this model of music distribution.
Dmitry Korochkin
Eric Caminiti
Eric Jansen

Erick Gonzalez Beltran
I love the work you do, and has made me discover tons of new music, even many new favorites. This is priceless.
Frederick Telan
Gabriel Weinsberger
IndieRockPlaylist may never die!
Greg Baerg
Thanks for years of great music!
I’ve been finding new music from IRP since the beginning!
Inga Herold
James Munger
Been here since 2007.
Javier Cancino
Joshua Bingham
Justin Kreindler

Katelyn Campbell
this site got me into this genre, I’d hate to see it go
Katie Cuplin
Kevin L
Easiest donate decision ever. This has been instrumental in my life and for others i’m sure. Thanks!
I began college in 2006 and your music has been a part of my life for so long now.
Hopefully we can get to the goal. If everyone contributes just a little bit then we should be able to pull through.
Lisa-Azra Broad
Lorenzo Vignolo
I have long wondered how you managed to keep this going without any support. I’ve been a member almost since the beginning. I’ve found many bands I would never have discovered without this list (Rabbit!).”
M. Georgieva
Thanks to IRP I discovered many great bands through the years and I hope you will keep up the great work!
Manu Bogad
I love your playlists!
Manu Bourdier
j’aime découvrir la musique par votre site ! Et je les diffuse dans mon émission de radio !
Maria Munoz
Your playlists are the original and the best. Without them, i’d be still listening to the same stuff from 1994 on a loop.
Marek Dobrowolski
I’ve been with you since 2007 🙂
Mark Crosby
Mark Di Meo
You have introduced me to a lot of great stuff over the last 10 years or so
Markus Alexander
Best source for indie music worldwide.
Mathew Seal
I’ve enjoyed your playlists ever since you started! Here’s to many more years
Mathias Moe
Megan Barber
Michael Cooke
Thank you for gifting the world with your playlists over all these years. I didn’t appreciate how much time, effort and resources went into these playlist until i started compiling my own. I’ve found it tough these past few months to keep it going. Thank you’s and appreciations are wonderful to hear but it doesn’t help producing them get any easier. I wish i could donate more but i’m sure if the majority of members in the group appreciate these as much as i do, then you shall have no problem in reaching, if not smashing your target. Thank you again for the years of music and giving me a platform to share my contribution towards the Indie Rock Alternative scene. Much Love.
Michael Jurasits
Kudos for all the time & effort you’ve put into this, it’s much appreciated.
You all do a lot of hard work to bring good music to people for free. The Internet still needs that and always will. Thanks for everything!
Michael Robinson
all of the great music I have discovered thanks to IRP
Mienke Koen
Milan Sochor
Natalia R
Nathan Mercer
Thank you for the music in the past and in the future!
Olivia Ward
Paige Parsons
Paul Jenkin
Hopefully the IRP will never die and new generations will discover some truly awesome music too, just like I’ve been doing for the past 13 years.
Peter Smith
So many bands & artists were brought to my attention first & foremost thanks to your amazing playlists. This in turn has led to so many mind blowing concerts over the years for me and my wife, long may you continue to deliver the goods. Thanks a million x
PJ Saturno
Appreciate all you have done over the years!
Quentin Le Pape
Rami Time
I love IRP, been a member since 2008 on They do good work and bring good music to hipsters like me.
Raul Lieberwirth
IRP Support Donation. Cheers
Reid Jutras
I’ve been listening for over a decade.
The music I’ve found through IRP over the past 12 years is invaluable. I only wish I could donate more. Please keep up the good work and keep helping people expand their taste.
Sam Werckx
I’ve been listening to this playlist since 2011. It’s been a great way of discovering new bands, new music and meeting new people!
Sascha Schaefer
Thanks for the amazing music that has been the backdrop to most of my adult life!
Scott McNabb
The voices told me to
Scott Sveiven
Sergey Klevtsov

Shaleem Hosein
Simon Parzer
A small donation to keep your playlist project running! After the discontinuation of the CBC Radio 3 Podcast with Grant Lawrence, Grooveshark being taken down and other unfortunate events, it would be very sad to see this one go as well.
Son You
Stefan Kahlau
Stephan Luening
Thanks for all the work and making me discover great new music for more than a decade!
Stephen Woodgeard
Long time listener, first time donor. Keep up the admirable work!
Tim Mahoney
Have loved the compilations for many years. Hopefully they will continue for many more. Keep up the great work.
Keep up the outstanding work!
Thank you for all you do. I hope you’re able to continue.
Victor Hugo
I’ve been around this blog since 2012 and always I listened incredible amazing music here. I hope this project continue because is a vital actor for the indie rock music world. Thank you so much
Wade McLaughlin
You guys introduced me to a lot of bands I wouldn’t have heard from otherwise

IRP Aid Update

We’re half way to our goal! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!
Due to the overwhelming support from the IRP community, we’re adding donation tiers for the rewards we plan to mail out after reaching or surpassing the goal.

We wanted to offer a little extra to those who have donated more than $20, and still offer something to anyone that donates $10.
Everything we’re mailing out is limited edition and won’t be in production again. Supplies are limited.

Any donations less than $10 will still be credited on the IRP site, and listed in the NFO as a supporter – forever. (this is optional of course)

The first 100 donations of $10 or more will get a custom IRP Thank You card – and the first 96 – a small ‘new-star’ sticker.
If you already donated and want the additional rewards, you can add to your previous amount, or start fresh – just be sure to use the same name so you’re not confused for a new donator when we contact you.

Reward Tiers:
$10 – IRP Button
$20 – IRP Pin or Button or IRP Sticker
$40 – IRP Pin and (Button or IRP Sticker)
$60 – IRP Pin, Button, and IRP Sticker
$100 – IRP Pin, Button, Sticker, and a chance to win the last IRP shirt(Large M)

Here’s our current supply of rewards:
IRP Pins: 48
IRP Buttons: 62
Original Clear BG IRP Stickers: 13
Original White BG IRP Stickers: 35
Thank You cards: 100
Small ‘new star’ IRP Stickers: 96
IRP Shirt(Large M): 1

Check GoFundMe for updated statistics. As of this post, there have been 62 donations of $10 or more – this includes PayPal donations which are not listed on GoFundMe.
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For the first time in 13 years, we’re asking for help to keep
Indie/Rock Playlist running. Without your help – we’ll need to shut down by 2020.
We’ve been doing these playlists since 2006, sifting through tens of
thousands of indie songs for each playlist – finding what we consider to be the very best new and unique indie tracks out there.
We’re asking for help to purchase new hardware, fund the music we
purchase, pay the operating cost of the IRP site, and purchase
necessary software. Until recently, we’ve been able to cover the cost, but now we need a little help!

What will donating get you? For donations of $20 or more, we’re offering to send out limited edition metallic IRP pins and IRP buttons (while supplies last)
Optionally, everyone that donates will be memorialized as supporters in every NFO file(the information file in every IRP folder), and on the IRP site .

Reaching our goal won’t just keep IRP alive, but we’ll be able to get
more playlists out each year – including special editions like the
covers, christmas/holiday, and Best of playlists.
We’ll also bring back every playlist since May 2006 – each one will be made available again.

If PayPal is your only option, you can donate directly and still receive a pin/button and be listed as a supporter – PayPal to:

Indie/Rock Playlist: August (2019)

Coverart by: S. Nilsen

Torrent download: 1337x
Alternate torrent download: limetorrents
Magnet download: Magnet
Direct download: Mega
Stream: Spotify
Stream: YouTube
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1. (00:01:08) Ghostel – (IRP) Intro
2. (00:02:55) Little Comets – 3 Minute Faltz
3. (00:02:43) Mother Mother – Back To Life
4. (00:01:40) Vampire Weekend – Bambina
5. (00:04:09) Editors – Barricades (The Blanck Mass recording)
6. (00:02:58) Bee Bee Sea – Be Bop Palooza
7. (00:02:51) together PANGEA – Bet You Wish I Would Call
8. (00:03:30) Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Bill’s Mandolin
9. (00:02:46) Ralph Pelleymounter – Blackness a Void
10. (00:02:20) Ezra Furman – Calm Down aka I Should Not Be Alone
11. (00:03:29) Sleater-Kinney – Can I Go On
12. (00:04:37) Broken Social Scene – Can’t Find My Heart
13. (00:01:01) Small Crush – Chicken Noodle
14. (00:03:08) Top Bunk – Dang
15. (00:02:43) Mounties – De-Evolve Again
16. (00:02:30) Surf Curse – Disco
17. (00:02:07) origami ghosts – Doing the Dishes
18. (00:02:50) The Regrettes – Dress Up
19. (00:03:27) Cagework – Eileen
20. (00:03:13) Bon Iver – Faith
21. (00:04:23) Andrew Bird – Fallorun
22. (00:04:56) Ra Ra Riot – Flowers
23. (00:03:07) Kristin Anna – Forever Love
24. (00:02:47) Alice Dreamt – Get Sad
25. (00:04:38) Rev Magnetic – Gloaming
26. (00:02:24) Mating Ritual – Good God Regina It’s a Bomb
27. (00:03:00) Honeymoan – Gym Song
28. (00:02:52) Gaffa Tape Sandy – Headlights
29. (00:02:14) Sports Team – Here It Comes Again
30. (00:02:53) Super City – High
31. (00:03:12) StrangeJuice – Home Shopping
32. (00:03:32) Einar Stray Orchestra – Hot Salted Wind
33. (00:03:26) Canary Gold – Hummingbird
34. (00:02:22) The Dollyrots – I Love You Instead
35. (00:02:47) Spector – I Won’t Wait
36. (00:03:52) Hibou – Inside Illumination
37. (00:04:00) Megafauna – Is There Anything Else
38. (00:04:07) Silversun Pickups – It Doesn’t Matter Why
39. (00:04:10) Graveyard Club – It Hurts
40. (00:04:00) The Futureheads – Jekyll
41. (00:03:10) Death Cab for Cutie – Kids in ’99
42. (00:03:06) The Vaughns – Kowabunga
43. (00:07:16) OM Collective – Le Tsugino Tonalli en a Jivana
44. (00:02:29) Penelope Isles – Leipzig
45. (00:03:20) Marsicans – Little Things
46. (00:02:49) An Horse – Live Well
47. (00:02:28) Gallus – Looking Like a Mess
48. (00:03:26) Sufjan Stevens – Love Yourself
49. (00:02:05) Bad Nerves – Mad Mind
50. (00:04:48) String Machine – Mara (In The Breeze)
51. (00:03:21) Gaspar Sanz – Meanderthal
52. (00:02:30) Gurr – Middleton Mall
53. (00:00:58) Jeff Rosenstock – Monday At The Beach!
54. (00:01:37) LIFE – Moral Fibre
55. (00:03:33) Manchester Orchestra – My Backwards Walk
56. (00:02:09) Sipper – N.J.F.D.
57. (00:02:59) FUR – Nothing (Until Something Comes Along)
58. (00:02:27) FEET – Outer Rim
59. (00:04:19) Anna Meredith – Paramour
60. (00:02:38) On Video – Past Tense
61. (00:02:26) Girlfriend Material – Peace Sign
62. (00:03:03) King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard – Plastic Boogie
63. (00:02:22) Modest Mouse – Poison the Well
64. (00:02:13) illuminati hotties – Pressed 2 Death
65. (00:03:05) The Divine Comedy – Queuejumper
66. (00:03:57) Sleepwalkers – Reasons to Give Up in You
67. (00:02:51) 45ACIDBABIES – Ri Ri Ride
68. (00:03:41) The National – Rylan
69. (00:02:30) Fontaines D.C. – Sha Sha Sha
70. (00:03:27) PUP – Sibling Rivalry
71. (00:04:02) The Mountain Goats – Sicilian Crest
72. (00:04:03) Belle & Sebastian – Sister Buddha
73. (00:02:48) Halfloves – Small Hours
74. (00:03:30) Future Generations – Spirit of My Youth
75. (00:03:04) Mr. Gallini – Surfer Girl
76. (00:03:23) Holy Holy – Teach Me About Dying
77. (00:03:45) Slotface – Telepathetic
78. (00:03:42) The Voidz – The Eternal Tao
79. (00:03:07) Team Me – The Future In Your Eyes
80. (00:03:43) San Fermin – The Hunger
81. (00:03:17) Biffy Clyro – The Modern Leper
82. (00:03:15) sidekicknick – The Red Planet Plan I Planned You For
83. (00:04:06) The Dodos – The Surface
84. (00:02:30) Mal Blum – Things Still Left to Say
85. (00:03:44) Plastic Mermaids – Throwing Stones at the Moon
86. (00:03:23) How Great Were the Robins – To Crown Misery
87. (00:03:23) Cage the Elephant – Tokyo Smoke
88. (00:02:45) Roofers Union – Tortugas
89. (00:03:02) The Mystery Lights – Traces
90. (00:06:46) Thom Yorke – Twist
91. (00:03:05) Blood Red Shoes – Vertigo
92. (00:02:58) Kishi Bashi – Violin Tsunami
93. (00:02:48) The Raconteurs – What’s Yours Is Mine
94. (00:03:23) JR JR – Wild Child
95. (00:01:46) Martha – Wrestlemania VIII
96. (00:02:06) Kitty Kat Fan Club – You Got Me Modernized
97. (00:03:40) Lower Dens – Young Republicans
98. (00:02:59) The Real Zebos – Your Ex Said You Can’t Dance
99. (00:02:51) Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time (Chamber Version)
100. (00:03:25) WOOZE – Zeus’ Masseuse

Playing Time………: 05:16:12
Total Size………..: 587.95 MB

IRP August (2019) Vol. 2

IRP August (2019) Vol. 2
Coverart by: S. Nilsen

Stream: Spotify
Stream: YouTube
Stream: 8tracks
Stream: Apple Music

1. (00:01:25) Gaten Matarazzo & Gabriella Pizzolo – (Intro) Never Ending Story
2. (00:02:37) On Video – Adversary
3. (00:03:01) Plague Vendor – All of the Above
4. (00:02:51) Hembree – Almost
5. (00:04:42) Vassilikos – Anybody Lost
6. (00:04:48) Fews – Anything Else
7. (00:03:10) Pizzagirl – Body Biology
8. (00:03:56) Talkie – Bummer Summerrr
9. (00:04:03) Joyero – Dogs
10. (00:03:47) The Twilight Sad – Floating In The Forth
11. (00:02:26) The Black Keys – Go
12. (00:03:05) Weird Milk – Honey, I’m Around
13. (00:02:34) (Sandy) Alex G – Hope
14. (00:03:11) repeat repeat – I’ll Be The One You’re Growing Old With
15. (00:04:53) Callum Pitt – Knocked the Wind Right out of Me
16. (00:03:32) Wilco – Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
17. (00:03:54) Oh Sees – Poisoned Stones
18. (00:06:19) Look Vibrant – The Good Truth
19. (00:06:33) The Appleseed Cast – Time the Destroyer
20. (00:03:37) Sofia Portanet – Wandering Rat

Playing Time………: 01:14:24
Total Size………..: 136.36 MB

Indie/Rock Playlist: March (2019)

Facebook group is now open!
Original art by: Michelle Lamoreaux – Editing by: S. Nilsen

Torrent download: 1337x
Alternate torrent download: limetorrents
Magnet download: Magnet
Direct download: Mega
Stream: Spotify
Stream: YouTube
Stream: 8tracks
Stream: Apple Music

1. (00:00:44) A Lovely War – (IRP) Intro
2. (00:02:13) Telekinesis – A Place in the Sun
3. (00:03:34) Oxen – Arstaberg
4. (00:02:54) Arcade Fire – Baby Mine
5. (00:02:44) The Coathangers – Bimbo
6. (00:03:51) Team Me – Blurry Precise
7. (00:03:42) I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – Choke
8. (00:02:52) Skye Wallace – Coal in Your Window
9. (00:03:23) Indoor Pets – Couch
10. (00:03:11) Hembree – Culture
11. (00:03:09) Cherry Glazerr – Daddi
12. (00:02:47) Backseat Vinyl – Die Cool
13. (00:03:15) Youth Sector – Dig It and Repeat
14. (00:03:07) Smallpools – Downtown Fool Around
15. (00:04:09) Snapped Ankles – Drink and Glide
16. (00:03:29) Holy Holy – Faces
17. (00:04:21) Plastic Mermaids – Floating in a Vacuum
18. (00:03:01) UV Rays – Flowerhead
19. (00:02:41) Miya Folick – Freak Out
20. (00:02:35) PUP – Free at Last
21. (00:02:15) The Belafontes – Gemini
22. (00:03:16) On Video – Ghee
23. (00:03:36) Frog – God Once Loved a Woman
24. (00:03:26) Nothing but Thieves – Gods
25. (00:05:07) Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall
26. (00:02:32) Cage The Elephant – House Of Glass
27. (00:02:20) The Happy Fits – Hungry People
28. (00:02:54) The Technicolors – Hurt So Bad
29. (00:02:30) King Nun – I Have Love
30. (00:03:10) Art Brut – I Hope You’re Very Happy Together
31. (00:02:56) illuminati hotties – I Wanna Keep Yr Dog
32. (00:01:39) Daisy the Great – IDKW
33. (00:03:13) WOOZE – I’ll Have What She’s Having
34. (00:02:54) Calva Louise – I’m Gonna Do Well
35. (00:01:35) Nancy – I’m not Getting Sober, I’m Just Getting Older (Helluva Guy)
36. (00:03:08) De Staat – I’m Out Of Your Mind
37. (00:02:53) Mother Mother – It’s Alright
38. (00:03:33) Ages and Ages – Just My Luck
39. (00:03:38) Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Keen for Kick Ons
40. (00:03:01) The Twilight Sad – Keep It All To Myself
41. (00:02:21) Antarctigo Vespucci – Kimmy
42. (00:03:13) Winnetka Bowling League – Kombucha
43. (00:02:33) Ralph Pelleymounter – La De Da
44. (00:02:49) Mike Krol – Little Drama
45. (00:02:56) The Black Keys – Lo-Hi
46. (00:03:21) EUT – Look (Who Has Decided After All)
47. (00:03:00) V Sparks – Love Gun
48. (00:02:49) Queen Zee – Lucy Fur
49. (00:03:28) Crane Like the Bird – Mendocino (Feat. Luke Steele)
50. (00:01:47) Tullycraft – Midi Midinette
51. (00:04:08) The Dream Eaters – Mockingbird
52. (00:02:23) Amyl and the Sniffers – Monsoon Rock
53. (00:03:27) Pom Poko – My Blood
54. (00:03:36) Sego – Neon Me Out
55. (00:02:29) Balms – Nothing In
56. (00:03:10) Foals – On The Luna
57. (00:03:13) Talkboy – Over & Under
58. (00:02:57) Wy – Pavements
59. (00:03:33) Wovoka Gentle – Peculiar Form of Sleep
60. (00:03:12) The Regrettes – Poor Boy
61. (00:02:24) Health – PSYCHONAUT
62. (00:03:44) Mindy Gledhill – Rabbit Hole
63. (00:03:34) Kid Kapichi – Revolver
64. (00:03:10) The Entrepreneurs – Say So!
65. (00:03:26) Turtlenecked – Sewing Machine
66. (00:02:07) Said the Whale – Shame
67. (00:03:56) Attica Riots – Simply Not Good Enough
68. (00:04:05) Andrew Bird – Sisyphus
69. (00:03:11) Better Oblivion Community Center – Sleepwalkin’
70. (00:03:13) Dirty Sound Magnet – Social Media Boy
71. (00:01:44) The Cowboys – Some Things Never Change
72. (00:04:01) Active Bird Community – Somewhere (Feat. Samia)
73. (00:03:00) The Harmaleighs – Sorry, I’m Busy
74. (00:03:11) Le Trouble – Step Up
75. (00:03:22) Firewoodisland – Storm
76. (00:04:59) Kishi Bashi – Summer of ’42
77. (00:03:33) Born Idiot – Sunday in the Street
78. (00:02:33) Fake Laugh – Surrounded
79. (00:02:33) Westkust – Swebeach
80. (00:03:44) Beck – Tarantula
81. (00:02:47) Tampa – Teen Age
82. (00:05:10) The Tallest Man On Earth – The Running Styles of New York
83. (00:03:35) FIDLAR – Thought. Mouth.
84. (00:03:21) Anima! – Toughest Man
85. (00:03:16) SWMRS – Trashbag Baby
86. (00:03:05) Big Thief – UFOF
87. (00:02:50) Friska Viljor – Unless You Love Me
88. (00:03:21) Stalking Like Candy – Vampire Six Shot
89. (00:03:05) Blood Red Shoes – Vertigo
90. (00:03:13) Only Sun – Vice
91. (00:03:09) Chemtrails – Vultures
92. (00:03:40) Foreign Air – Wake Me Up
93. (00:01:43) Guided By Voices – We Can Make Music
94. (00:04:16) Deerhunter – What Happens to People
95. (00:03:18) We Show Up On Radar – Willow Tree
96. (00:02:34) Kills Birds – Worthy Girl
97. (00:03:24) The National – You Had Your Soul with You
98. (00:02:26) Tom Rosenthal – You Might Find Yours
99. (00:02:53) The Voluptuals – You’d Be the First (to Die in the Zombie Apocalypse)
100. (00:03:34) Yes We Mystic – Young Evil

Playing Time………: 05:11:57
Total Size………..: 586.70 MB

IRP March (2019) Vol. 2

Coverart by: S. Nilsen

Stream: Spotify
Stream: YouTube
Stream: 8tracks
Stream: Apple Music

1. (00:04:00) Blushh – All My Friends
2. (00:03:48) How To Loot Brazil – American Ocean
3. (00:02:39) The Love Language – Bees
4. (00:03:32) Lailien – Blue Love
5. (00:03:24) Dr. Dog – Can’t Catch Me
6. (00:02:45) Jessica Pratt – Crossing
7. (00:04:23) Pip Blom – Daddy Issues
8. (00:05:00) Idlewild – Dream Variations
9. (00:04:05) TOY – Energy
10. (00:01:33) Cheekface – Eternity Leave
11. (00:03:37) Vistas – Fade
12. (00:03:25) Fat White Family – Feet
13. (00:02:44) Potty Mouth – Fencewalker
14. (00:03:23) Mounties – Flags of Convenience
15. (00:03:40) Slide – Floating
16. (00:02:01) Haley Heynderickx & Max Garcia Conover – Francis
17. (00:04:39) Pond – Hand Mouth Dancer
18. (00:03:18) Pickle Darling – Happy Together (Feat. Skirts)
19. (00:03:05) Radical Face – Hard of Hearing
20. (00:02:09) Pink Mexico – High Dive
21. (00:02:39) Ruby Bones – Hook Line Sinker
22. (00:03:00) Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq & Damian Clark – I’ve No More … To Give
23. (00:02:31) Rafter – Izzy Bizzy
24. (00:03:00) Th Da Freak – Mars Attacks!!
25. (00:03:05) Stef Chura – Method Man
26. (00:03:19) Fews – More Than Ever
27. (00:02:45) Perfume Genius – Not for Me
28. (00:02:45) Bony Macaroni – Piece of Shit
29. (00:02:59) Julia Jacklin – Pressure to Party
30. (00:03:26) Girlpool – Pretty
31. (00:04:41) Sundara Karma – Rainbow Body
32. (00:02:46) Wallows – Scrawny
33. (00:03:03) Drahla – Stimulus for Living
34. (00:02:30) Famous – Surf’s Up!
35. (00:03:15) Versing – Tethered
36. (00:03:35) Panda Bear – Token
37. (00:03:45) Methyl Ethel – Trip the Mains
38. (00:03:26) The Growlers – Who Loves the Scum
39. (00:03:40) Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres – Who’s Been Having You Over
40. (00:05:47) The Mountain Goats – Younger

Playing Time………: 02:13:07
Total Size………..: 248.89 MB


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When was IRP established?

May 2006 was the first Indie/Rock Playlist

2. What’s the difference between IRP and BIRP?

BIRP(Blalock’s Indie/Rock Playlist) was created by Josh Blalock after IRP went on hiatus in January of 2009.
IRP returned in 2010, and since then the two playlists have coexisted.

3. Why isn’t IRP a monthly playlist anymore?

We try to release them as frequently as possible, but we’ve significantly increased the number of sources to check – increasing the time necessary to complete each playlist.
With over 15,000 songs between each playlist, it becomes a several month process to sift through each album/EP/single and find what we believe to be the most suitable. Hundreds of these songs are analyzed several times before we decide to use them or not. We do our best to weed out the most generic indie tracks, so that we might offer a more unique experience.

TL;DR – We want to create more refined playlists that have better replayability and longevity.
We hope that IRP listeners will appreciate the quality over quantity approach, even if it means fewer playlists each year.

4. How do we get our song on the playlist?

Submit MP3(V0 or 320) or WAV/FLAC to

5. How do we get our song on the Apple Music and Spotify playlists?

There is currently no method to get your music solely on the streaming playlists.
See above for submitting a song.

6. What audio quality are the songs on the playlist?

We use V0 MP3, which is generally considered the best quality to filesize for MP3.
Every song we use is spectral analyzed for quality control. Nothing falls below the V0 cut-off.

7. Why isn’t the playlist 320 MP3 or FLAC?

Simply because the playlist would be too large, and V0 has the greatest availability.

8. How is IRP funded?

For the first time in 13 years, we’re temporarily accepting donations to keep IRP running.

9. Can we make an intro for the next playlist? What’s required?

Yes. We have a surplus of intros so that we may use the one that best fits the playlist at the time.
Submitted intros may take months or years to make it onto a playlist, but we will certainly accept and use them.
The only requirement for an intro is that you say/sing IRP or Indie/Rock Playlist at some point, and optionally introduce or mention your band. Intros should be less than a minute long.
We can send examples if needed.

10. Who is working on Indie/Rock Playlist now?

The original creator of IRP – Criznittle, and partner Cloudy who joined in 2013.
Cloudy, Criznittle, and Milan are the admins of the IRP page on Facebook.
Members of the IRP group on Facebook also contribute recommendations.

11. Who is responsible for the coverart?

We’ve had several artists contributing art for the playlists since 2008(no official art was created until March of ’08)
S. Nilsen has been our #1 contributor for the last few years – and he has created some of our best art.
Our past artists include: Martin L, Artsiom C, Nathan A, Steve C, Marko H, Simona M, Criznittle, Michael C, and Suhita S. We owe them all a huge debt of gratitude for the years of contribution – entirely gratis.
If you’d like to personally contact one of the artists, contact us at

12. Can I submit coverart? What are the requirements?

Yes. Submit art to
All art must include the text IRP or Indie Rock Playlist, the month and year, and optionally hide a star somewhere 🙂
When we have more than a few covers to choose from, we hold a vote in the IRP Facebook group. The group has decided on several of the covers over the years.

13. How do I make recommendations?

Join the IRP Facebook group and post your recommendation in the designated thread.

14. How can I join the IRP Facebook group?

The group is temporarily open to new members. Request to join, and answer 3 simple questions. If your answers are within acceptable parameters, you will be accepted within 24 hours.

15. How can I stay updated on new Indie releases?

Like and follow us on Facebook for updates on the latest singles and album releases from your favorite IRP bands.

16. Can I donate in any way to IRP or the creators?

Yes, for a limited time:

17. Why is the playlist ordered alphabetically by title and not by genre, preference, bpm, etc.?

Initially, back in May of 2006 it was ordered by title to keep a two part song together while mixing up the other bands.
Today, we simply prefer the shuffled feel it gives the playlist.
No bands get preferential treatment – the best song(s) could land anywhere on the playlist. This hopefully incentivizes listeners to give each song an equal opportunity, while also listening to the playlist in its entirety.
We still make a strong effort to provide a playlist that’s enjoyable from beginning to end, but instead of reordering the songs – songs are removed or sent to Vol. 2.
Songs moved to Vol. 2 can be equally as good, they just didn’t fit the flow of the Vol. 1 playlist that we try to maintain.

18. What are some similar playlists, and how do they differ from IRP?

BIRP, recommended for those looking for the newest and most independent bands.
Genres featured: chillwave, indie rock, indie pop
Download audio quality ranges from MP3 128-320
Release schedule: Monthly
Streaming options: Pretty much all of them

SaG’s Indie Electro Rock Playlists, recommended for fans of a wider range of independent music.
Genres featured: indie r&B, indie rock, indie pop, electronic, soul
Download audio quality ranges from MP3 256-320
Release schedule: 3-4 playlists a year
Streaming options: Spotify

Hunted*, recommended for fans of IRP and the music shared in the IRP group.
Genres featured: about the same genres as IRP
Download audio quality varies as it’s mostly Soundcloud and YouTube rips
Release schedule: Monthly
Streaming options: Spotify

ALT RAD Playlist, recommended to fans of the more original and edgy rock side of indie rock.
Genres featured: indie rock, alternative, indie punk
Download audio quality looks like MP3 V0 VBR
Release schedule: Monthly, with special editions throughout the year
Streaming options: Spotify

Swan’s Indie Pop, recommended to anyone who misses the indie pop that IRP no longer features.
Genres featured: indie pop, indie folk
Download audio quality… no download option yet
Release schedule: Monthly
Streaming options: Spotify