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Our top listeners helped us replace broken and dated hardware when we really needed it to continue with IRP – Thank You!

Top Listeners:

Carlos G
Cold Weather Company
Thanks for everything you’ve done over the years, especially for 
Cold Weather Company. The playlist was my intro to so many bands starting out in college and it’s made such an impact on my life!

Daniel Elke
Your stuff has been with me through the good times and helped me find a tune/band to get me through the harder times…no doubt I wanted to return the favor and support you when u needed it!
David Eisenhardt
Thank you!
A fan since 2007.
Frank Kress
For every late, late night when a new song tore through my soul, or forced a smile, or soothed an ache, or changed enough of my life… thank you guys and please keep going.
Gabriela Greenland
Four years ago, I wrote this: Now, it’s time to put my money where my mouth (still) is. Thank you, Jonathan!
Gert Cleuren
Hi Jonathan By some luck i’ve discovered IRP. Every release contains nice surprises, for which i’m grateful. This is my way of giving back. All the best Gert
Kevin Edwards
I’m making a second donation because my first donation was when I was hiking across the Swiss Alps, and I made it successfully all the way across while listening to your playlists! The playlists have introduced me to so much music over the years. I really appreciate your hard work. Thanks again!!!
Mariam A
You guys have introduced me to so many amazing bands that literally have changed my life and added to it. Ive been a fan since 2011, keep up the great work
Mike Anderson
@strangejuiceart custom made album covers, as seen on IRP Dec 2022
Ola Rogula –
IRP has been the soundtrack to my life and work for many years now. Every dress up game I’ve programmed has a strong association in my mind to specific songs, and I love that.
Simon Tait
I donated because I can’t imagine a world without IRP…
Stéphane Pelletier
William Pate –
Been listening since the beginning! Keep it up!


Abbie Rennaker
I love this playlist and it got me into so many bands. ❤️
Alan Hennigan
… the Indie Rock Playlist is that last safe island in a sea of bland, boring music.
Alex Burke
IRP is so important, not just for fans who are desperate for something that no-one else has heard of, but for the musicians that have used it to build their audience, and gain the recognition they (usually) deserve.
Amauri Melo Junior
Thank you for the amazing work in collecting and compiling awesome lists whenever it’s possible.
Andries Louws
I found over half of my favorite bands in the IRP may 2008 playlist. Thanks for doing this!
Angel Martinez
“I wish i could do more, but by the time this my little support. Many thanks to Jonathan for the hard work and the incredible experience of IRP !”
Anthony Davis
I have listened to IRP for a long time and enjoy all the music you have introduced me to as well as the endurance you have shown.
IRP support!
Bob Krawczyk
I am an older guy and the IRP keeps me in touch with current music.
artist love
Brandon Zarzyczny
I’ve been listening for around a decade and I’ve found so many amazing bands from IRP, here’s to another decade of excellent music. 🙂
I Love your playlists!
Brent Bodenhamer
This is the best source for me to find current music. Best out there.
Brian Kallion
Brittani Cormany
I’ve loved IRP since I discovered it in 2007!
Brock Curtain
been a fan since 2013. I appreciate basically everything I have sampled and appreciate you can still stream.
Charley Graham
Chloé Baud

Thanks all your work over the years. So much great music!
Christian Terzoni
Christopher Foxz
Love y’all!
Christopher Null
You rock
David Folgate
I’ve been here from the start and got so much joy from the playlists.
David Unekis
I depend on curated playlists like this to help me find music and bands I’d never be able discover otherwise
Derek Lloyd

Devin Bayer
I like this model of music distribution.
Dmitry Korochkin
Eric Caminiti
Eric Jansen

Erick Gonzalez Beltran
I love the work you do, and has made me discover tons of new music, even many new favorites. This is priceless.
Frederick Telan
Gabriel Weinsberger
IndieRockPlaylist may never die!
Gareth Lumby
Thank you
Greg Baerg
Thanks for years of great music!
I’ve been finding new music from IRP since the beginning!
Inga Herold
James Munger
Been here since 2007.
Javier Cancino
Joshua Bingham
Justin Kreindler

Katelyn Campbell
this site got me into this genre, I’d hate to see it go
Katie Cuplin
Kevin L
Easiest donate decision ever. This has been instrumental in my life and for others i’m sure. Thanks!
I began college in 2006 and your music has been a part of my life for so long now.
Hopefully we can get to the goal. If everyone contributes just a little bit then we should be able to pull through.
Lisa-Azra Broad
Lorenzo Vignolo
I have long wondered how you managed to keep this going without any support. I’ve been a member almost since the beginning. I’ve found many bands I would never have discovered without this list (Rabbit!).”
M. Georgieva
Thanks to IRP I discovered many great bands through the years and I hope you will keep up the great work!
Manu Bogad
I love your playlists!
Manu Bourdier
j’aime découvrir la musique par votre site ! Et je les diffuse dans mon émission de radio !
Marcin Olempa
thank you very much for all the years of hard work – greetings from Poland
Maria Munoz
Your playlists are the original and the best. Without them, i’d be still listening to the same stuff from 1994 on a loop.
Marek Dobrowolski
I’ve been with you since 2007 🙂
Mark Crosby
Mark Di Meo
You have introduced me to a lot of great stuff over the last 10 years or so
Markus Alexander
Best source for indie music worldwide.
Mathew Seal
I’ve enjoyed your playlists ever since you started! Here’s to many more years
Matthew Wilker
Your tunes have been the soundtrack of my life.
Mathias Moe
Megan Barber
Michael Cooke
Thank you for gifting the world with your playlists over all these years. I didn’t appreciate how much time, effort and resources went into these playlist until i started compiling my own. I’ve found it tough these past few months to keep it going. Thank you’s and appreciations are wonderful to hear but it doesn’t help producing them get any easier. I wish i could donate more but i’m sure if the majority of members in the group appreciate these as much as i do, then you shall have no problem in reaching, if not smashing your target. Thank you again for the years of music and giving me a platform to share my contribution towards the Indie Rock Alternative scene. Much Love.
I’ve been listening to your playlists for over 10 years. I appreciate all of the work that goes into these.
Michael Jurasits
Kudos for all the time & effort you’ve put into this, it’s much appreciated.
You all do a lot of hard work to bring good music to people for free. The Internet still needs that and always will. Thanks for everything!
Michael Robinson
all of the great music I have discovered thanks to IRP
Mienke Koen
Milan Sochor
Natalia R
Nathan Mercer
Thank you for the music in the past and in the future!
Olivia Ward
Paige Parsons
Paul Jenkin
Hopefully the IRP will never die and new generations will discover some truly awesome music too, just like I’ve been doing for the past 13 years.
Peter Smith
So many bands & artists were brought to my attention first & foremost thanks to your amazing playlists. This in turn has led to so many mind blowing concerts over the years for me and my wife, long may you continue to deliver the goods. Thanks a million x
PJ Saturno
Appreciate all you have done over the years!
Quentin Le Pape
Rami Time
I love IRP, been a member since 2008 on They do good work and bring good music to hipsters like me.
Raul Lieberwirth
IRP Support Donation. Cheers
Reid Jutras
Donating a second time to close this out. It’s my birthday and there is no better present than this amazing project continuing for years!
I’ve been listening for over a decade.
The music I’ve found through IRP over the past 12 years is invaluable. I only wish I could donate more. Please keep up the good work and keep helping people expand their taste.
Sam Werckx
I’ve been listening to this playlist since 2011. It’s been a great way of discovering new bands, new music and meeting new people!
Sascha Schaefer
Thanks for the amazing music that has been the backdrop to most of my adult life!
Scott McNabb
The voices told me to
Scott Sveiven
Sergey Klevtsov
Seth Allison

Shaleem Hosein
Simon Parzer
A small donation to keep your playlist project running! After the discontinuation of the CBC Radio 3 Podcast with Grant Lawrence, Grooveshark being taken down and other unfortunate events, it would be very sad to see this one go as well.
Son You
Stefan Kahlau
Stephan Luening
Thanks for all the work and making me discover great new music for more than a decade!
Stephen Woodgeard
Long time listener, first time donor. Keep up the admirable work!
Tim Mahoney
Have loved the compilations for many years. Hopefully they will continue for many more. Keep up the great work.
Keep up the outstanding work!
Thank you for all you do. I hope you’re able to continue.
Victor Hugo
I’ve been around this blog since 2012 and always I listened incredible amazing music here. I hope this project continue because is a vital actor for the indie rock music world. Thank you so much
Wade McLaughlin
Walter Kessinger
You guys introduced me to a lot of bands I wouldn’t have heard from otherwise

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