FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When was IRP established?

May 2006 was the first Indie/Rock Playlist

2. What’s the difference between IRP and BIRP?

BIRP(Blalock’s Indie/Rock Playlist) was created by Josh Blalock after IRP went on hiatus in January of 2009.
IRP returned in 2010, and since then the two playlists have coexisted.

3. Why isn’t IRP a monthly playlist anymore?

We try to release them as frequently as possible, but we’ve significantly increased the number of sources to check – increasing the time necessary to complete each playlist.
With over 15,000 songs between each playlist, it becomes a several month process to sift through each album/EP/single and find what we believe to be the most suitable.

4. How do we get our song on the playlist?

Submit MP3(V0 or 320) or WAV/FLAC to sendusyourcd@gmail.com

5. How do we get our song on the Apple Music and Spotify playlists?

There is currently no method to get your music solely on the streaming playlists.
See above for submitting a song.

6. What audio quality are the songs on the playlist?

We use V0 MP3, which we consider to be the best quality to filesize for MP3.
Songs we use are spectral analyzed for quality control.

7. Why isn’t the playlist 320 MP3 or FLAC?

Simply because the playlist would be too large, and V0 has the greatest availability.

8. How is IRP funded?

IRP was kept alive by our faithful supporters! We’re not currently accepting donations.

9. Can we make an intro for the next playlist? What’s required?

Submitted intros will be used as quickly as possible, or can be timed with the release of an album if requested.
The only requirement for an intro is that you say/sing IRP or Indie/Rock Playlist at some point, and optionally introduce or mention your band. Intros should be less than a minute long.
Examples provided upon request.

10. Who is working on Indie/Rock Playlist now?

The original creator of IRP – Criznittle, and partner Cloudy who joined in 2013.
Cloudy and Criznittle, are the admins of the IRP page and group on Facebook.
Members of the IRP group on Facebook contribute recommendations, which are used on IRP.

11. Who is responsible for the coverart?

We’ve had several artists contributing art for the playlists since 2008(no official art was created until March of ’08)
S. Nilsen has been our #1 contributor for the last few years
Our past artists include: Martin L, Artsiom C, Nathan A, Steve C, Marko H, Simona M, Criznittle, Michael C, and Suhita S.
We owe them all a huge debt of gratitude for the years of contribution – entirely gratis.
If you’d like to personally contact one of the artists, contact us at sendusyourcd@gmail.com

12. Can I submit coverart? What are the requirements?

Yes. Submit art to sendusyourcd@gmail.com
All art must include the text IRP or Indie Rock Playlist, the month and year, and optionally hide a star somewhere 🙂
When we have more than a few covers to choose from, we hold a vote in the IRP Facebook group.

13. How do I make recommendations?

Join the IRP Facebook group and post your recommendation in the designated thread.

14. How can I join the IRP Facebook group?

The group is temporarily open to new members. Request to join, and answer 3 qualifying questions. If your answers are within acceptable parameters, you will be accepted within 24 hours.

15. How can I stay updated on new Indie releases?

Like and follow us on Facebook for updates on the latest singles and album releases from your favorite IRP bands.

16. Can I donate in any way to IRP?

No, not currently.

17. Why is the playlist ordered alphabetically by title and not by genre, preference, bpm, etc.?

Initially, back in May of 2006 it was ordered by title to keep a two part song together while mixing up the other bands.
Today, we simply prefer the shuffled feel it gives the playlist.
No bands get preferential treatment – the best song(s) could land anywhere on the playlist.
We still make a strong effort to provide a playlist that’s enjoyable from beginning to end, but instead of reordering the songs – songs are removed or sent to Vol. 2.

18. What are some similar playlists, and how do they differ from IRP?

BIRP, recommended for those looking for the newest and most independent bands.
Genres featured: chillwave, indie rock, indie pop
Download audio quality ranges from MP3 128-320
Release schedule: Monthly
Streaming options: Pretty much all of them
Site: http://www.birp.fm

SaG’s Indie Electro Rock Playlists, recommended for fans of a wider range of independent music.
Genres featured: indie r&B, indie rock, indie pop, electronic, soul
Download audio quality ranges from MP3 256-320
Release schedule: 3-4 playlists a year
Streaming options: Spotify
Site: https://indielectrockplaylist.blogspot.com

Hunted*, recommended for fans of IRP and the music shared in the IRP group.
Genres featured: about the same genres as IRP
Download audio quality varies as it’s mostly Soundcloud and YouTube rips
Release schedule: Monthly
Streaming options: Spotify
Site: https://www.facebook.com/Huntedplaylist

ALT RAD Playlist, recommended to fans of the more original and edgy rock side of indie rock.
Genres featured: indie rock, alternative, indie punk
Download audio quality looks like MP3 V0 VBR
Release schedule: Monthly, with special editions throughout the year
Streaming options: Spotify
Site: https://altrad.wordpress.com

Swan’s Indie Pop, recommended to anyone who misses the indie pop that IRP no longer features.
Genres featured: indie pop, indie folk
Download audio quality… no download option yet
Release schedule: Monthly
Streaming options: Spotify
Site: https://www.facebook.com/groups/157504284381589

The original Indie Rock Playlist